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My Experience

Since a young age I have had a passion for adventure and beauty. I take great pride in discovering the untouched and unique having spent time in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as Joshua Tree, Kenya, the Gulf of Thailand, Jordan and Finland amongst my favourite destinations. It was not until I had the honour to travel to Namibia with Visions of Africa that I experienced something which took my breath away and cemented itself in my soul as the most inspiring place I have ever been to. My trip was seamlessly organised from start to finish with large parts of the country taken in during my short 8 day stay but with nothing missed. I was lucky enough to travel there with some of my greatest friends and it is now one of our most treasured memories. I could talk forever about the sunsets, nature, food, and accommodation, all of which was perfect, but this would never do it justice. You have to see it to believe it. Taking a hot air balloon ride as the sun is coming up over the Namib desert is the single handed most beautiful sight of my life.

Without the help of Visions of Africa this trip could have never come true. Their quality and expertise at every juncture made light work of everything. So next time you are thinking of a location for a trip. Old or young, friends holiday or family, make sure you highly consider Namibia. I promise you wont regret it. Check out some of the pictures I took or watch the video we shot!

Simply the most unique and inspiring trip I have been on in the last decade. My memories will stay with me a lifetime. Thank you to the wonderful team at Vision of Africa for showing all my guests and I something truly spectacular.

Hugo Taylor

Co Founder & Creative Director

Taylor Morris