Endless horizons, clear skies and a population density that ranks among the lowest in the world it all combines to give visitors a true sense of freedom. This is part of what makes Namibia the quintessential African vacation. Whether your interest is in wildlife, landscape, adventure, people, culture, your days here will be filled with plenty of sunshine, beautiful sights and unforgettable experiences found nowhere else on earth. Only in Namibia.

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Land, air and water-based adventures include quadbiking, 4x4 trails, hiking, birding, skydiving, kayaking, windsurfing and kite boarding along the coast. The adventures don't stop there. Getting introduced to indigenous people whose cultures are unrecognizable to most of the world, eating mushrooms as they emerge from termite mounds, being mesmerized by ancient rock art work at Twyfelfontein, Namibia's only World Heritage Site, and taking time to listen to the silence are amongst the adventures of the mind, body and soul awaiting you in Namibia.

The one thing Namibia has in excess is space, beautiful contrasting landscapes perfect for play and experiencing nature in its most natural state.

With both the Namib and Kalahari deserts within its borders and the world's tallest dunes, there are plenty of sand based pursuits available in Namibia


With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, Namibia makes for great flying weather, and therefore gives visitors ample opportunities to enjoy the amazing scenery from above.

Where there's water, there's life. And plenty of activity. Although Namibia is predominately an arid country, there are water features that define Namibia as much as the sands of the Namib.

Whether you set out on your own self-drive safari or join a group of like-minded travelers, Namibia is Africa's best-kept safari destination secret. In Namibia, you have the opportunity to venture into the unknown and yet be completely safe. Visitors can take in the beautiful wildlife and unique landscapes at their own pace, on their own terms. Like nowhere else in Africa, Namibia provides the visitor the opportunity to escape stress, experience peace and freedom, and to sit and admire the breathtaking landscapes. From game-packed parks to the silence and spectacle of the desert, this incredible country’s landscapes, people and wildlife are waiting.


Namibia is a land of stark contrasts, where towering dunes meet a tempestuous coastline. As it should be in a land of such contrasts, Namibia offers an endless variety of safari options.


With both the Namib and Kalahari desserts within its borders and the world's tallest dunes, there are plenty of sand based pursuits available in Namibia


Travelers have the opportunity to see Africa's Big 5 and numerous endemic species against the backdrop of the country's unique landscape.


Most bird species favour specific habitats above others and thus Namibia is blessed with a variety of birding destinations where the keen twitcher can satisfy their interests by sighting and recording new species.

Spread throughout Namibia on an amazing scale, game parks and nature reserves constitute some 18% percent of the country's surface area. Some parks, including the huge Etosha National Park, focus primarily on impressive wildlife, while others like the Namib-Naukluft Park and Fish River Canyon are more landscape oriented, their natural beauty, rivalling that of the remarkable game. These parks represent a network of Namibia's most sought-after tourist destinations and often include a wide-range of adventure, camping, hiking and wilderness activities.


Home to 114 large and small mammal species,more than 400 recorded bird species, scores of reptiles and even fish species, Etosha is the country’s flagship park.


Mudumu National Park, one of Namibia’s least-known parks, is richly rewarding for adventurous visitors. The main attraction is the riverine habitat of the Kwando River.


Namibia’s largest conservation area contains some of the country’s most iconic attractions: towering sand dunes at Sossusvlei, the imposing canyon at Sesriem, forgotten shipwrecks and ghost towns along the icy Atlantic coast and more.


The park is a massive wilderness reserve known for its untouched and diverse landscape. Other attractions in this region include the desert-adapted elephants of Kaokoland, quaint Himba settlements, Epupa Falls, the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein, the Petrified Forest and much more.

The ruggedness of the Namibian landscape has obviously done nothing to deter both flora and fauna from adapting and thriving. Take out your cameras and discover the Big 5. Here, the very act of survival can sometimes be an art. The shear abundance and variety of wildlife of all sizes is staggering. Namibians are deeply committed to protecting their natural resources and the country's richness of wildlife can be attributed in large part to this commitment to conservation. Namibia is the only country in the world where large numbers of rare and endangered wildlife are translocated from national parks to open communal land. This commitment to protecting wildlife is especially important given the country's remarkable diversity of species and high level of endemism.


Two species of rhino exist in Namibia, the white rhino and the black rhino. White rhino are grazers rather than browsers and are more docile and sociable than black rhino.


Leopards are widely distributed and fairly abundant in Namibia. They have the capacity to adapt to changes, which enables them to survive with more success than any other large wild animal.


Namibia is home to two species of zebra, the Mountain zebra and the Burchell's zebra. The majority of Mountain zebra live outside proclaimed nature reserves. Most of the Burchell's zebra in Namibia are found in the Etosha National Park, particularly along the edges of the pan.


Giraffe are spread widely across a broad zone in the northern half of Namibia, including the desert landscapes of Damaraland and the Kunene region. The greatest concentration of giraffe can be found along the eastern edge of the Etosha Pan.